100 New Molecules in Turmeric are Found


As we know, turmeric (Curcuma longa) contains active compound named curcumin that has special virtue as anti- inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-microbe, good for diabetes because it prevents blood solidification, etc. Just now, Prof Supardjan (scientist from Gajahmada University ) developed curcumin became a new molecule that has effect as better analgenetic-antiinflammation and have virtue as cancer therapy. There are 100 new molecules found.

Beside curcumin, turmeric contain curcumin demetoxin and curcumin bisdemetoxin. These derivatives are being examined. The red derivative is as anti inflammation and the yellow one as heart protection. Prof Supardjan stated his research finding that curcumin just developed as herbal medicine, it has not been as chemical medicine because it is still needed a kind of clinical test that need long duration and high cost.

Source : Nirmala magazine-July 2012