Research Garden of Lempake
- Located in Lempake village, Samarinda Utara Sub district
- 10 Ha for reseasrch land
- Show window of Aloe vera, banana, sweet potato, AWS, AWLR and vegetables plant
- Land cooperation for research activity and visitor plot

Research Garden of Samboja
- Located in Bukit Raya Village-Samboja, Kutai Kartanegara Regency
- 11 Ha for land research
- Show window of shrub pepper, VUTB paddi and germ plasm garden of cacao
- Cultivated commodity : cocoa, goat and zalacca
- Land tipology : hilly and dry

Research garden of Sempaja
- Located in AIAT Sempaja site
- 1 ha for research activity
- Show window of castor oil palm, black orchid and durian
- Cultivated commodity : maize, tomato and eggplant