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Hybrid type of dryer application, a practical solution for Cassava development in ex-mining land

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Hybrid type of dryer which will applied in the production centre of cassava at Ambalut, Kutai Kartanegara. Ex-coal mining soil development for agriculture in East Kalimantan has been conducting and has been one of AIAT of East Kalimantan main project which is still in progress until now. Several commodities had been tested and developed namely food crop, and vegetables. One of the prospective commodity that also been developed is cassava. This commodity has huge potency as its fresh and processed products.

Cassava is one of the commodities that has been cultivated by farmers in relatively wide area of field in East Kalimantan. Cassava area of cultivation sreads in whole regencies/cities of East Kalimantan, and reaching 5.214 ha in 2011 with productivity reachs 4.91 % ( East Kalimantan Statistical Beureu, 2012). In ex-mining soil area od Embalut village, Tenggarong Seberang District, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, is already cultivated a type of cassava known as “singkong gajah” which has characteristic of big tuber which can reach 60 kg of each for around 9 months.

One of the cassava based products which already known and developed in East Kalimantan is Mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour). Mocaf is flour made from cassava which iits processing is through fermentation and drying process so that it can produce flour which has characteristics of bright color and clean s it has its own potential as a substitution of wheat flour. These advantageous gives a market potency and opening a chance for the development of cassava based products as a part of the effort to support food diversity and security.

Development of ex-mining soil for agriculture gives huge potency for cultivation of mocaf’s raw material that is cassava.  Huge amount of material will give an opportunity of the application of post harvest technology as for to anticipate huge amount of cassava yield resulted. The application of cultivation technology and strengthening of farmer institution in sustainable way will support the effort of mechanization technology implementation by farmers which latter will give a positive feed back to farmers.

“Singkong gajah” which adaptive in East Kalimantan has huge potencial to be developed.

Figure: “Singkong gajah” which adaptive in East Kalimantan has huge potencial to be developed.

As for that effort, AIAT of East Kalimantan as a part of the innovation agent in the region has been assessing and applying mechanization technology to support the development of ex-mining soil and strengthen farming in East Kalimantan. This activity will support the development of agriculture in ex-mining soil, pioneering, and effectife and efficient technology input which are expected will be adopted by other farmers, also strengthen the cooperation between many related parties so that it will strengthen the outcome which will be resulted.


In 2015, AIAT of East Kalimantan has been cooperating with IACERD, Local Research and Development Agency, Kitadin Corp., Mocaf producer and local farmers to apply an effective and efficient drying machine through KKP3SL program launched by IAARD as a part of the effort to develop cassava comprehensively and sustainable in ex-mining soil land area. Dryer which will applied is a hybrid type of dryer which adopting glass house effect of dryer using racks by additional equipments such as heat exchanger and sources which can be found in the environment surrounding. This dryer will give a practical solution especially at a condition of rainy season with low sunlight. Cassava dried material production will be conducted by minimizing contact with the environment and can produce dried material with high quality so that it will resulting better quality of cassava flour and more competitive.


At last, Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) got WTP Opinion from BPK of Republic Indonesia.

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After a long evaluation of the Financial Statements of Kementan by the Finantial Evaluation Agency (BPK) of Republic Indonesia, and resulted with reasonable with exception (WDP) opinion. At last, on Monday, 23rd June 2014 was a historical day for Kementan which had succeeds to get the financial evaluation result with reasonable without exception (WTP) opinion.

Of course this was very surprising and gratefully welcomed to the Merciful, where the opinion result was delivered in Jakarta by the Head of the Presidential Working Unit of Field Development Control of Republic Indonesia through a letter No.B-1425/UKP-PPP/06/2014 to the ministry of agriculture. It is stated that The Institution (UKP-PPP) congratulates the Minister of Agriculture and over the whole range of Ministry of Agriculture for this financial management achievements.

This is a historical day, where that evaluation in the context of financial management improvement. Where so many times (since 2008 – 2012) had got WDP opinion (reasonable with exception), and in this year at last got the WTP (reasonable without exception) opinion. Minister of Agriculture has submitted the instruction to maintain it continuously, with paying attention of the potential supply, revenue and PNBP (Non-Tax National Revenue), intangible assets, completion handling of in-active working units and troubled assets.


Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School, social action target of East Kalimantan AIAT Dharma Women’s Association

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Within the framework of the month Ramadan, and as one of the social activities, on Tuesday, 22 July 2014, East Kalimantan AIAT, which represented by Dharma women’s association (Dharma Wanita) team, has conducting visit to Islamic Boarding School of Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an, Al-Izzah foundation, Samarinda. In this visit, the chair leader of Women’s Association, Mrs. Yossita Fiana, SP., M.Si., has given help in certain amount of fund and food which hopefully could help the smoothness activities at this boarding school which also as orphanage.

East Kalimantan AIAT women’s association really aware, those children is valuable asset for a family, they are our next generation and important investment for nation future, and therefore they have a right to get the best as stock in their living further. One of the stocks is related to knowledge including world/science and spiritual knowledge.

There are a lot of medium to give education/couching for these know ledges, one of the educational institution is the Islamic boarding school. Islamic boarding school is an institution which move in giving know ledges in to students not only world science but also spiritual science to prevent them in their livelihood as nation assets in the future. One of parties which also give its attention is the Izzah foundation in Samarinda. And one of the actual programs which have conducted by East Kalimantan AIAT to support all of these efforts is through direct social visit to the location.

The Islamic Boarding School of Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an has 25 students which all of them are underage childs. With different social background and family, the Islamic boarding school and orphanage which have just build four months ago, have given new light in to its student to face better new live, starting from debriefing of general knowledge (i. e. reading and writing) until religion/spiritual education (i. e. reading qur’an, adzan, etc.), even more, there are some students which already memorized several chapters of Qur’an. In the end, also in this visit, some of students were showing their ability in memorizing Qur’an. And this was an amazing surprise in this time social visit, because the women’s association has got a chance to see the amazing ability of children at early age.


Why Nunukan Chicken Can Not be Developed well ?

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Almost all of Indonesian, even Borneo people does not know much about Nunukan Chicken. Nunukan chicken is a germ plasm of Borneo, but it can not develop well in this island. Many problems face by this animal. PRA of AIAT East Kalimantan reported that Nunukan chicken was reared for fulfill family consumption and religion purposes. Besides, the performance of the chicken is like layer so people think that Nunukan chicken is not a native one. Other problem related with Nunukan chicken are :

1. Slow growth of feather ( in 3 month, only 50% of feather grow)

2. Intensive rearing haven’t been done

3. In Tarakan and Nunukan, the rearing is traditional with low ownership (5-10 chickens per family) so the farmer attention of nunukan chicken is minimum and because of that the mortality of nunukan chicken is common because farmer feel the lose out is low

4. Nunukan chicken with genuine genetic is few because of the rearing mixed with other native chickens

5. High mortality because of the slow growth of feather in starter period

6. High price of feed and the minimum knowledge of alternative feed in farmer level that make farmer only give low quality of feed and does not match with its physiology status

7. No recording and low health control

8. There is no certification and minimum socialization to the society that make minimum farmer and private sector interest to develop it

How to overcome all of those problems ?

1. Nunukan chicken development can be developed in Tarakan or Nunukan as the origin habitat of Nunukan chicken.

2. Nunukan chicken should be raised outside the area aimed to increased its population and genetic

3. For giving high benefit should be done some changes from traditional rearing to semi-intensive or intensive rearing

4. It is needed ownership scale to economic scale so farmer is more focus to do his livestock enterprise. According to Kusnadi (2005), economic scale for native chicken raising at least 300 hen/farmer

5. Health control should be done intensively. Until now farmer is only doing ND vaccine

6. Using alternative feed that has low price, so production cost can be depressed

7. In the market aspect is needed enterprise diversification in farmer group

8. Standardization and quality of Nunukan replacement

9. Development of Nunukan chicken is totally needed government support

10. Need empowering of Rural Rearing Multiplication Center (RRMC). Cooperation between farmer entrepreneurship or big trader should be developed so that farmer have bigger chance to rear their livestock with better technology/ Finally it can fasten Nunukan chicken development.





Source : Wafiatiningsih, Sulistyono, Nur Rizqi Bariroh.2006. pengembangan Ayam Nunukan dan Permasalahannya di Kalimantan Timur. Prosiding Lokakarya Nasional Inovasi Teknologi dalam Mendukung Usaha Ternak Unggas Berdaya Saing.




East Kalimantan targeted cattle self-reliance in 2018

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Sinergism in Beef cattle self reliance program is a strong determination together between AIAT and East Kalimantan Local Government Livestock office, to reach the food reliance based on livestock especially beef cattle and carabau in East Kalimantan. This commitment was chained together through PSDSK Program’s meeting which was conducted between East Kalimantan Livestock office and AIAT in AIAT’s meeting room (Monday, 24 March 2014).

This program was attended by AIAT’s Head Office Dr. Ir. M. Hidayanto, M.P., East Kalimantan Livestock Office’s Head; Ir. Dadang Sudarya, M.M., its Breeding Unit Head; I Gede Made Jaya Adhi, Head office of the Research Institution for Beef Cattle (IAARD) Dr. Ir. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc. and Dr. Lukman Affandi, M.P. (Researcher), and researcher and educator from East Kalimantan AIAT.

Commitment of East Kalimantan Governor for self-relience of cattle as much as 2 million cattle in 2018 with population in 2014 as much as 100 thousand of cattle, of course could be a challence with hard work from whole party to gain the target mentioned said the Head of East Kalimantan Livestock Office; Ir. Dadang Sudarya, M.M. East Kalimantan as one of 6 provinces namely Aceh, West Sumatera, East Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, West Lesser Sunda Island, and West Papua which have got pilot project in 2015-2018 especially in livestock area. Financing in order to fulfill 2 million cattle includes from National Budget (APBN), Local Government Budget (APBD, East Kalimantan Bank, BRI, and Palm Oil Companies in East Kalimantan. By considering vast potency of field and availability of cattle feed (forage) in East Kalimantan, optimistically target mentioned could be reach.

According to Dr. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc. IAARD in this matter represented by his institution together with East Kalimantan AIAT are supporting this effort through 4 breakthroughs namely: 1.) Creating and Spreading superior male cattle; 2.) Scalling up cage with IAARD style; 3.) Ration formulation based agricultural waste/by product; and 4.) Combination of hormone PGF-GnRH to increase pregnancy number (madurese cattle). Strategic step which is needed includes technology guiding, road mad, flushing (cattle feeding), strengthening support especially capital and farmer institution, breeds stock through Good Breeding Practices (GBP), and pasture improvement.

Also presented in this program, socialization of Field Laboratory Technology Guide and Field school of beef cattle breeding and fattening by Dr. Lukman Affandi, M.P. (Researcher). Through this socialization, it is expected to get a description in order to sharpen activities in the field to accelerate effort of cattle self reliance in East Kalimantan.



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