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Prime mission of AIAT – East Kalimantan as a Technical Operation Unit of Agricultural R & D agency is prepare agricultural technology (technology, institutional and policy) which are innovative, fast forward and strategic, then adapted to efficient and specific for user and location. AIAT-East Kalimantan communicate to user for using technology innovation, human resource, facility, policy and visible agribusiness information for local development.

One of research supporting facilities in AIAT –East Kalimantan is laboratory. This institution has biology, soil, animal husbandry, post harvest laboratory and green house. By having these facilities, AIAT-East Kalimantan will give benefits to all users.

Laboratory Service
AIAT-East Kalimantan serves soil analysis, plant and proximate (moisture, ash, ether extract, crude fiber, crude protein and carbohydrate) and its recommendation. AIAT East Kalimantan laboratory was completed with analyze tools with good precision, such as :
- Flamephotometer
- pH meter
- Atomic Absorbsion Spectrophotometer (AAS)
- U-Vis Spectrophotometer
- Moisture testser
- Analytical balance
- Kjehldahl digestion flask
- Soxhlet extractor
- Furnace
- Oven
- Water boiler
- Laminair
- Deionizer

Analyzed sample kind
- Sample of soil and fertilizer : physical analysis, chemical analysis, phosphor need.
- Raw and post harvest product : feed, compost and plant

Analysis method used :
International and national Standard Method refferences :
2. Indonesian National Standard (SNI)
3. Analysis manual of soil chemical, plant, water, fertilizer ( Research Institute of soil and agroclimate).

Service procedure
- For analysis job, consumers can bring the sample, themselves and fill the available form
- The filled form is given back to the laboratory analysis service
- When the job finished, consumer will be informed
- The result will be given if analysis cost have been paid

Other informations :


  1. Laboratory serves analysis in accordance with consumer request
  2. The price can change anytime without advanced announcement
  3. The remain sample will be stored by laboratory for a month dated from result report released or can be taken again by consumer
  4. Other things that haven’t been written in this information can be asked to laboratory manager of AIAT - East Kalimantan




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