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Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School, social action target of East Kalimantan AIAT Dharma Women’s Association

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Within the framework of the month Ramadan, and as one of the social activities, on Tuesday, 22 July 2014, East Kalimantan AIAT, which represented by Dharma women’s association (Dharma Wanita) team, has conducting visit to Islamic Boarding School of Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an, Al-Izzah foundation, Samarinda. In this visit, the chair leader of Women’s Association, Mrs. Yossita Fiana, SP., M.Si., has given help in certain amount of fund and food which hopefully could help the smoothness activities at this boarding school which also as orphanage.

East Kalimantan AIAT women’s association really aware, those children is valuable asset for a family, they are our next generation and important investment for nation future, and therefore they have a right to get the best as stock in their living further. One of the stocks is related to knowledge including world/science and spiritual knowledge.

There are a lot of medium to give education/couching for these know ledges, one of the educational institution is the Islamic boarding school. Islamic boarding school is an institution which move in giving know ledges in to students not only world science but also spiritual science to prevent them in their livelihood as nation assets in the future. One of parties which also give its attention is the Izzah foundation in Samarinda. And one of the actual programs which have conducted by East Kalimantan AIAT to support all of these efforts is through direct social visit to the location.

The Islamic Boarding School of Tahfids Madinatul Qur’an has 25 students which all of them are underage childs. With different social background and family, the Islamic boarding school and orphanage which have just build four months ago, have given new light in to its student to face better new live, starting from debriefing of general knowledge (i. e. reading and writing) until religion/spiritual education (i. e. reading qur’an, adzan, etc.), even more, there are some students which already memorized several chapters of Qur’an. In the end, also in this visit, some of students were showing their ability in memorizing Qur’an. And this was an amazing surprise in this time social visit, because the women’s association has got a chance to see the amazing ability of children at early age.




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