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Why Nunukan Chicken Can Not be Developed well ?

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Almost all of Indonesian, even Borneo people does not know much about Nunukan Chicken. Nunukan chicken is a germ plasm of Borneo, but it can not develop well in this island. Many problems face by this animal. PRA of AIAT East Kalimantan reported that Nunukan chicken was reared for fulfill family consumption and religion purposes. Besides, the performance of the chicken is like layer so people think that Nunukan chicken is not a native one. Other problem related with Nunukan chicken are :

1. Slow growth of feather ( in 3 month, only 50% of feather grow)

2. Intensive rearing haven’t been done

3. In Tarakan and Nunukan, the rearing is traditional with low ownership (5-10 chickens per family) so the farmer attention of nunukan chicken is minimum and because of that the mortality of nunukan chicken is common because farmer feel the lose out is low

4. Nunukan chicken with genuine genetic is few because of the rearing mixed with other native chickens

5. High mortality because of the slow growth of feather in starter period

6. High price of feed and the minimum knowledge of alternative feed in farmer level that make farmer only give low quality of feed and does not match with its physiology status

7. No recording and low health control

8. There is no certification and minimum socialization to the society that make minimum farmer and private sector interest to develop it

How to overcome all of those problems ?

1. Nunukan chicken development can be developed in Tarakan or Nunukan as the origin habitat of Nunukan chicken.

2. Nunukan chicken should be raised outside the area aimed to increased its population and genetic

3. For giving high benefit should be done some changes from traditional rearing to semi-intensive or intensive rearing

4. It is needed ownership scale to economic scale so farmer is more focus to do his livestock enterprise. According to Kusnadi (2005), economic scale for native chicken raising at least 300 hen/farmer

5. Health control should be done intensively. Until now farmer is only doing ND vaccine

6. Using alternative feed that has low price, so production cost can be depressed

7. In the market aspect is needed enterprise diversification in farmer group

8. Standardization and quality of Nunukan replacement

9. Development of Nunukan chicken is totally needed government support

10. Need empowering of Rural Rearing Multiplication Center (RRMC). Cooperation between farmer entrepreneurship or big trader should be developed so that farmer have bigger chance to rear their livestock with better technology/ Finally it can fasten Nunukan chicken development.





Source : Wafiatiningsih, Sulistyono, Nur Rizqi Bariroh.2006. pengembangan Ayam Nunukan dan Permasalahannya di Kalimantan Timur. Prosiding Lokakarya Nasional Inovasi Teknologi dalam Mendukung Usaha Ternak Unggas Berdaya Saing.






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