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East Kalimantan targeted cattle self-reliance in 2018

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Sinergism in Beef cattle self reliance program is a strong determination together between AIAT and East Kalimantan Local Government Livestock office, to reach the food reliance based on livestock especially beef cattle and carabau in East Kalimantan. This commitment was chained together through PSDSK Program’s meeting which was conducted between East Kalimantan Livestock office and AIAT in AIAT’s meeting room (Monday, 24 March 2014).

This program was attended by AIAT’s Head Office Dr. Ir. M. Hidayanto, M.P., East Kalimantan Livestock Office’s Head; Ir. Dadang Sudarya, M.M., its Breeding Unit Head; I Gede Made Jaya Adhi, Head office of the Research Institution for Beef Cattle (IAARD) Dr. Ir. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc. and Dr. Lukman Affandi, M.P. (Researcher), and researcher and educator from East Kalimantan AIAT.

Commitment of East Kalimantan Governor for self-relience of cattle as much as 2 million cattle in 2018 with population in 2014 as much as 100 thousand of cattle, of course could be a challence with hard work from whole party to gain the target mentioned said the Head of East Kalimantan Livestock Office; Ir. Dadang Sudarya, M.M. East Kalimantan as one of 6 provinces namely Aceh, West Sumatera, East Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, West Lesser Sunda Island, and West Papua which have got pilot project in 2015-2018 especially in livestock area. Financing in order to fulfill 2 million cattle includes from National Budget (APBN), Local Government Budget (APBD, East Kalimantan Bank, BRI, and Palm Oil Companies in East Kalimantan. By considering vast potency of field and availability of cattle feed (forage) in East Kalimantan, optimistically target mentioned could be reach.

According to Dr. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc. IAARD in this matter represented by his institution together with East Kalimantan AIAT are supporting this effort through 4 breakthroughs namely: 1.) Creating and Spreading superior male cattle; 2.) Scalling up cage with IAARD style; 3.) Ration formulation based agricultural waste/by product; and 4.) Combination of hormone PGF-GnRH to increase pregnancy number (madurese cattle). Strategic step which is needed includes technology guiding, road mad, flushing (cattle feeding), strengthening support especially capital and farmer institution, breeds stock through Good Breeding Practices (GBP), and pasture improvement.

Also presented in this program, socialization of Field Laboratory Technology Guide and Field school of beef cattle breeding and fattening by Dr. Lukman Affandi, M.P. (Researcher). Through this socialization, it is expected to get a description in order to sharpen activities in the field to accelerate effort of cattle self reliance in East Kalimantan.






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