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Pomegranate began to be paid attention by health expert after Professor Michael Aviram from Technion Faculty of Medicine in Halfa Israel in 2000 found that juice of pomegranate contains vey high antioxidant. Moreover, based on research in University of California, Barkeley, USA, antioxidant power in pomegranate is 3 times stronger than that of green tea and red grape (red wine) that have been popular as antioxidant sources.

Tannin content in pomegranate is not only active as anti-bacteria but also as anti-oxidant as body protection from free radical attack. Beside tannin, pomegranate also has other strong antioxidant such as polyfenol, punicalagins, catecin, anthocyanin, and betacaroten especially in red pomegranate. Moreover, pomegranate also contains vitamin A ( in the form of betacaroten), C, E that has benefit as antioxidant.

The cooperation among antioxidants in pomegranate has proved to have effect in anti cancer. Research in University of California , USA shows that consuming pomegranate juice everyday can block the increase of Prostate Specific Agent (PSA) level , the indicator of prostate cancer growth.

This research involved 50 patients of cancer that already have had surgical operation. The result shows that PSA level in the patients that did not drink pomegranate juice increase twice in the period of 15 months. Whereas PSA level in the patients that drank pomegranate juice were stable and it is needed 54 months to increase twice. It is benefit for patient because it will decrease a need to do a chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Antioxidant in the pomegranate is also as heart protected formation. The research of Profesor Michael Aviram that is published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that pomegranate juice decrease bad cholesterol level (LDL). Pomegranate is also work as aspirin that can prohibit blood solidification.

The newest research done by Prof. Aviram in 2006 published in Journal atherosclerosis found that consuming one glass of fresh pomegranate for 3 months can help to decrease atherosclerosis complication risk in diabetes patient type 2. Pomegranate is also has effect of anti-inflammation and came in useful to cure arthritis or joint painful. Research conducted in Case Western Reserve University, USA published in Journal of Nutrition reported that pomegranate extract can decrease inflammation or joint infection.


Source : Nirmala July 2012




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