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Soursop Equal as Chemotherapy

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Claim of soursop as anticancer medicine is not nonsense. It is proved medically through many researches since 1970s. Unfortunately it is just revealed and published just now. The superiority of soursop has been reported by Health Science Institute in USA that cited first result research done by National Cancer Institute in 1976. It is proved that leaves and stem of soursop capable to attack and destroy cancer cell effectively.

The newest research done by Catholic University of South Korea-South Korea shows that two chemicals compound in the extract of soursop seed are able to kill and block breast cancer cell and colon more selectively compared to Adriamycin-medicine which is usually used in chemotherapy.

It is not like chemical therapy medicine that attack both cancer cell and health cell, soursop extract choose target selectively. It just killed cancer cell and not destroy the healthy one. Because of that soursop extract does not appear side effect such as disgrasp, decrease of body weight and hair fall like chemotherapy side effect. Besides, It also protect body immunity system and prevent lethal infection. Research in Purdue University cooperated with National Cancer Institute also proved that extract of soursop leaves is able to destroy cancer cell effectively especially for prostate, pancreas and lung cancer cell.



Source : Nirmala, july 2012






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