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Mangosteen, the Super Antioxidant

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Mangosteen contains xanthone antioxidant, polifenol compound found in tropical forest naturally and fruit that have maroon color. The highest content is in mangosteen. The power of xanthone has fold times more than vitamin C and Vitamin E power. This kind of anti-oxidant can help to cure the cell damage because of free radical oxidation, block aging process and prevent degenerative disease. Two kind of xanthone in mangosteen shell are alpha mangosteen and gamma mangosteen that has role in increasing the immune system as natural anti oxidant, anti fungi, anti virus, and anti-inflammation.

Journal of Free Radical Research and Journal of Pharmacology stated that xanthone has benefit for healthy of blood vessel, so it can cure heart disease, atheroscolorosis, hypertension and thrombosis. Xanthone can strengthen blood vessel and smooth blood current. Mangosteen is also rich in potassium that have important role in energy metabolism and heart healthy.

Xanthone is also has anti cancer effect by pushing cancer cell to do apoptosis (suicide cell). Several cancer cells have proved to be coped with xanthone activity are breast cancer, leukemia and liver cancer.

The result of research in Tokyo in 2003 showed that xanthone in mangosteen also has benefit to block microorganism growth such as mycobacterium of tubercolosis (cause of TBC) and staphylococcus aureus (cause of infection and digestion disorder), The extract of mangosteen shell is believed to cure arthritis, asthma, alzheimer, allergy, dyspepsia ( digestion disorder) acne and eczema.


Source : Nirmala, July 2012




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