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Strawberry – the Love Fruit

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The virtue of strawberry effuses from its antioxidant. United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) proved that antioxidant in strawberry can prohibit cell damage because of free radical, is in the second highest position from 24 fruits and vegetables tested. According to DR Gene Spiller from Nutrition and Health Research Center, only in 30-60 minutes after consume strawberry, antioxidant level in the body will be culminated. This is an evidence of strawberry antioxidant can be absorbed efficiently by body.

Strawberry contains vitamin C in high amount, higher than vitamin C in the orange. It is useful for decelerating aging process, decrease heart disease risk, brain damage and arthritis. Based on American Cancer Society, vitamin C in Strawberry decrease intestine cancer risk.

This red fruit is also has role to protect human body from cardiovascular disease. According to DR Howard Sesso, the Head of Research in Harvard Medical School, consumption of strawberry will alleviate C-Reactive Protein (CRP) which is an indicator of inflammation process in blood vessel. This statement is supported by Dr Gene Spiller who stated that consume 8-10 strawberries everyday will alleviate blood pressure and heart disease risk. Beside its function as a pigment that giving red color in strawberry, anthocyanin is also has role for prohibiting cholesterol oxidation, protect blood vessel wall and prevent blood solidification.

Strawberry is also known as aphrodisiac fruit since 13th century because its ability to increase libido. According to DR Patrick Holford, strawberry seed is rich of iron that can increase testosterone in male.

Strawberry is also useful for skin healthy because its salicilate acid that can remove dead skin , clean pores. Mask and juice of strawberry fruit are suggested for oily skin, because it can repair textuur, minimized oil, make healthy and brighten skin. Strawberry is also useful for teeth cleaning. The way is easy. Cut in half strawberry fruit then rub into gum and teeth. Strawberry will clean tooth crust, strengthen and cure gum. Chewing strawberry everyday will make teeth white and free from mouth odor.


Source : Nirmala, July 2012






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