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Soybean Alleviate Fat

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A Researcher from Illinois University revealed that soybean protein significantly alleviate accumulated fat and triglyceride in a liver obesity patient. Hong Chen, assistant Professor of food science and human nutrition in University of Illinois, presented his finding at annual American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at 22 April 2012.

Fat is metabolized in the liver. In obesity sufferer, the sending of metabolism product to tissue to store it as energy source is blocked. The consequence is liver become a place for wasting the fat excess stated Chen cited by Science Daily. In such condition, soybean protein help to decrease that excess fat process.

Chen and his team did a kind of experiment by comparing tin rat liver and rat that has experience of obesity. Both of them are given protein based on soybean for 17 weeks. The result show that the diet did not effect to the thin rat but the rat that suffer from obesity give significant result because fat accumulation degree decrease by 20%.

The researchers found that soybean protein help recover beta catenin protein which has role in fat metabolism. Chen stated that In a people that suffer from obesity, there is a traffic problem and when there is an excess of fat that can make way out from liver, the pressure of this organ decrease”.

(Source : Gatra Magazine Special Edition of Kartini Day 2012)




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