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Avocado Prohibit Aging

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Mexican scientist revealed that avocado benefit is as natural substance to fight against aging and chronic disease. This research finding was stated in annual conference of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Currently, the research proved that oil content in avocado is capable to fight against free radical which main cause of aging process, heart attack until cancer.

One thing that make it special is oil substance in the avocado is capable to perforate into mitochondria, the important part of body cell which have function to change food become energy. Meanwhile anti oxidant in vegetables and other fruits such as carrot and tomato, although they can prohibit free radical, they can not penetrate into mitochondria. The consequent is the free radical damaged mitochondria that cause energy production stop and cell will be dying and finally dead.

According to Christian Cortes-Rojo, researcher from Michoacana University de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico, cited by Science Daily (2012) stated that avocado oil has similar composition with olive oil which is believe it is able to prohibit free radical. Furthermore this research finding will make avocado as “the olive oil of the Americas”, (Source : Gatra magazine, special edition of Kartini Day, 2012)





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