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How to Prohibit the Porous Teeth in BORNEO Island

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Teeth is a important part for human being. Without health teeth, human will find plenty of difficulty in their life. Many people said that people lived in Borneo island will be older fast because their teeth are easily broken or porous and feel out. This is because water in Borneo island has very low fluor or sometimes doesn’t content that mineral. Simple knowledge about take care teeth is rarely having by Borneo people. Caring of teeth is begun from :
  1. Use tooth paste that suitable with our mouth. If we are comfort with the tooth paste, meaning that the tooth paste is suitable for us.
  2. Choose tooth brush that soft, not to wide and pointed tip so, the tip can reach the deepest part of teeth.
  3. Make sure to brush the teeth begin from the gum. The aimed is to take care the gum healthy and all the waste food can be cleaned.
  4. Brush the teeth at least 2 minutes, so the fluoride in the tooth paste can be absorbed by our teeth. The analogy is like the dirty cloth that submerged in the soap liquid. The waste will be soft and easy to clean.
  5. Choose non alcohol mouthwash
Source : personal communication with Drg. Fahrial



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